Niki Referral Code “GADDI” Free 30 February 2024

How to make recharges with the Niki app:

Niki Referral Code, Niki relies on artificial intelligence. It has an interface to recharge by just chatting with a bot. You will get an interface to renew and pay bills. Now time to get a free 30rs Niki wallet amount. Use the Niki referral code “GADDI” to get free wallet credit.

Just type recharge and send or choose recharge from the list, or you can send like recharge idea mobile number in your state, and it will show the summary before proceeding to the recharge.

If you have a Niki wallet balance, it will use that balance, and the remaining balance will be paid via credit, paid v, credit, debit, or other available wallets.

use our referral code GADDI to get free 30rs cashback

How To Use Niki Referral Code to Make Niki Credits:

  • Download the Niki Ai application from the link below; The link will be redirected to the play store. Install open the app

Use Niki’s Referral code: GADDI. If you enter a wrong or leave it empty, you won’t get the Referral amount.

  • It will ask to verify Your mobile number. Enter your mobile number, and it will ask you to verify the mobile number; you need to enter the top received to the mobile to confirm that it belongs to you.

    Niki Referral Code

  • Google automatically fills the email that is added to the device. If not, add an email address and Enter the Referral Code “GADDI” You must use the referral code to get a free credit.
  • After signup, you will get 30rs Credited to your Niki wallet.

Now you got the Free 30rs, Yes, Right?

Now how to use it?

In Niki, everything we need is to type and make it done; the specialty of Niki is its artificial intelligence, which detects what exactly we need and suggests what to do. Sometimes it automatically retrieves the required data.

For example, if we want to recharge the mobile number 9849*****, then enter recharge 9849*****, it will automatically find the region/state and state and which network it belongs to.

How To Recharge with  Niki  to Use Niki Credits:

You can pay bills, book tickets, hotels, bus booking, etc. I am using this to recharge my mobile number, which uses 25 percent of the money from the wallet.


Use Niki to buy local deals and Hotels:

Now you can use Niki to buy local deals, such as KFC, nearby sales, hotels, etc. Niki is using its 25 percent credits in the total bill amount. So in this way, you can use Niki to buy KFC deals.


It is like chatting with your friend, sending a message, and doing work for you. If you have any problems downloading an app or using it, please comment below and share your experience with the users of

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