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Kuku FM is an Audiobook streaming app with which you can listen to audiobooks in your local language. This app has many audiobooks that help you save time by just listening to the audiobook.

Kuku FM is running a referral program with which you can make y top 1 lakh rupees wi the Kuku FM app.

kuku fm Referral code: VTHAC96

How to download kuku Fm app:

Download the Kuku FM app and use the referral code for 60% off.

Click here to download the app.

Register the app with your mobile number and email id

once you register within the app, you will gain y your referral code to share your referral code with your friends.

Kuku FM Coupon code:

You can use coupon code “VTHAC96” while subscribing to get 60% off on the final Price. Currently, Kuku FM charges 399 rs for a yearly subscription. You can get Kuku fm yearly plan at 160rs only, By saving 239rs on the annual plan price. You need to enter Kuku fm discount code “VTHAC96” to get a discount on the yearly plan price. You get this Discount only on Android devices. The Kuku fm referral program won’t work on iOS devices.

You can buy on Android devices and login into ios devices to enjoy premium for one year at a discounted price.

Kuku FM free subscription coupon code:

Many people are looking for a free subscription code from Kuku FM. Is that possible? The simple answer is yes.

Kuku FM gives free subscriptions to people who regularly shop on Flipkart. It’s true. It would help if you did nothing extra to get your free subscription code from Kuku FM.

You need to download the Flipkart app from here or open the Flipkart application already installed on your device.

  1. Click here to download the Flipkart application.kuku fm flipkart coupon code
  2. Login with your registered mobile number on Flipkart
  3. Go to the Account section at the application’s bottom menu.
  4. Go to Flipkart plus zone, scroll down below, and you will go to the super coin zone from Flipkart.
  5. There are many categories on Flipkart. Go to the entertainment section for coupons.

You will get one month of Kuku FM free subscription by using one rupee and redeeming existing super coins from Flipkart.

If you have more super coins, you get a subscription at 14 rs, and remaining you can pay with excellent coins.

If you don’t have any super coins, you follow the Kuku FM referral code

Kuku FM referral code Overview:

Kuku FM is offering a 60% discount on a one-year subscription by using a referral code; the Discount will share from time to time.

Kuku FM refers to and earns terms:

You can make a maximum of 1 lakh with the referral scheme

You can withdraw any amount from the app (there is no limit to starting from the app)

you can refer and earn the offer only works with the Android device.

Kuku FM Referral Income Proof:

Here We have provided a referral income proof which shows that you can trust this referral program. You can also see scrolling on the refer and earn page, which Kuku FM will show the top referral’s name and how much they have made with the referral program.

kuku fm referral code



I have tested and verified this offer. You can directly withdraw money to your account. You need a Paytm account to remove cash from the Kuku FM app. If you have any questions, comment below.

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