Linode Referral Code Get Free 200$ May 2024

Linode is a cloud hosting service offering packs starting from 5$. You can deploy your server in a fraction of a second with a dedicated IP address. Linode is independent without third-party investors, showing that the customer’s privacy is protected.

Linode changed its name to Akamai, But the domain still uses the old domain name Linode; you can get a referral amount, so don’t get confused.

Linode Referral code:

The Linode referral code is: 81cb5c44f5785433c64762ac10245a747d63e67e

Linode provides service. It gives a dedicated server with a static IP address that can be used to point to a server with which you can run websites, store data, and do whatever you want

use referral and promo code LINODE10 to get ten free dollars instantly; the referral amount will be credited later.

How to get free Referral credit:

  1. Register with the Linode with the below link alternatively. You can also try the digital ocean.
  2. You need to use the below referral link to get $ free20$ and coupon linode10 to get $ 10$. Your referral credit will be credited after 90 days of the referral code.
  3. You can deploy servers.

Linode Coupon in January 2024:

Linode coupon codes can be applied along with referral codes. You will get an option to enter both the referral codes and the coupon codes at once.

Linode Coupon CodeCredit Details
analogue2018Free $20 USD Credit
atp2018Free $20 USD Credit
bootstrapped2017Free $20 USD Credit
clockwise2018Free $20 USD Credit
DOCS10Free $10 USD Credit
IND6060Free $60 USD Credit only for India
J5R-G3E-8Q2Order Link
LINODE10Free $10 USD Credit
material2018Free $20 USD Credit
OBJECT20Free $20 USD Credit to try Linode’s Object Storage Service
SYDNEY20Only for Sydney Data Center

Referral Credit Proof:

Check all payments. The payments that are showing are referral credits.

Linode Referral Code

Linode invoice referral proof :

Linode promo code needs to be applied as it gives free credit. Below is the referral credit invoice, which shows what a referral invoice looks like. Similarly, you can join Vultr if you are looking for Windows servers for your requirements.

Get your Referral code with Linode:

As you aware creating an account with Linode allows for sharing their referral codes and getting credit for each person they invite to Linode. Linode changed its name to Akamai but URL still looks the same

Linode Server can be used as Linode Hosting:

Linode servers can host websites, gaming servers, E-commerce, and other services. Linode offers cloud space and adds a Load balancer, Storage, etc.

Linode servers can be used as load balancers; You can use Linode servers as load balancing among your servers. You can check the Linode site for more details about the Linode servers.

if you are looking for pay later options I suggest you use simpl which gives interest-free credit for 15 days.


What is Linode referral code ?

linode Referral code will Give you some bonus, Here at linode you get 100$ by using linode referral code.


If you have any problem using the referral code, please comment below; I will try to help you with using the referral code. Don’t forget to apply to coupon code along with the referral code and coupon code.

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  1. 30$ free credit on making 1 linode referral. Sounds like a pretty good offer to me. Anyone would be glad to be the part of linode family as it is great hosting provider available in the industry. I have personally used the managed instance of linode server which is powered by Cloudways and I am very satisfied with their service.

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