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Vogo is a scooter rental platform limited to some major cities. It offers transportation facilities according to my experience it is a good service. In some places, it provides electric scooters. I have booked to go to Hyderabad and personally had a good experience. Now as a signup bonus, you get free 100rs credits by using my referral code, and you can use other coupon codes to get additional benefits.

New users will get 50% off on their first ride.

VOGO is launched in India, and new users get 100 free credits for signup. Use different logo referral codes available on the offer. You can share your logo referral code to get 100Rs free credits free. At Fogo, we make transportation simpler. We are currently offering self-drive rental scooters.

VOGO is India’s first automated scooter rental platform. It is revolutionizing the transportation sector, plagued with pollution, traffic congestion, and rising fuel prices. We believe in rental scooters for safe and secure journeys.

About VOGO:

It would be best if you traveled somewhere, maybe alone, maybe with friends, you don’t want to sit with people, wait for a cab to arrive and journey with others. You want to move on your own. Now you think of a bike.

The bike is the best way to travel alone anywhere you want. So, here the logo provides bike services to travel anywhere you want. We need a driving license to register for Vogo.

Requirements to book Vogo:vogo referral code

  1. You need to download the Vogo app on your mobile
  2. and register with your mobile number confirmed by the OTP.
  3. Enter logo referral code “7995793781”.
  4. Enter the necessary details like name and email.
  5. Complete KYC by uploading the driving license and selfie.
  6. Vogo verifies your driving permit and selfie and allows you to book Vogo.

How to book Vogo:

After verification, opens the app, and it will locate and shows the nearest logo station with the distance you can see in the below screenshot. Showing I am 0.7km away from the close Vogo station.

Now, the logo is charging 3.5rs/km and 0.05/min. If we travel 20km in 4 hours, we must pay around 92rs.

After going to the Vogo station, they took our original driving licenses and gave us vogo Scooters to us. When we returned the Scooter, they gave us our driving consent.

Vogo Monthly Rental Services:

Now vogue has started its monthly rental services, which are very helpful for people who don’t want to purchase a vehicle but need it for some time, Just food delivery persons, and People who want to travel to the city for less time.

Vogo monthly rental services are not providing fuel, you need to get power on your own, and it has its limitations, like how much you travel in a month with rental Vogo rental services.

How to drive Vogo for free:

Free is not always accessible. We need to refer our friends to Vogo to get free Vogo credits. Currently, the logo offers 100 Vogo credits per referral.

100 vogo credits equal 100rs, so we get a free ride worth 100rs.

Vogo referral code:

If you are new to Vogo, join using my referral code and get 100 free credits which can be used when you book a Vogo ride.

Enter code: 8142136606 to get free 100 rs credits

credits are used after the ride

Vogo coupon code:

Currently, vogo is offering 80% off up to 60 rs. 

The coupon code is “INR1.”

Payment method for Vogo:

Currently, vogo accepts only digital payments like Paytm, a free charge. We need a minimum of 150 rs to book a ride in the Paytm wallet.

Notes before you book Vogo:

  • The person who owns a driving license must present at the Vogo station
  • Please read the terms of the coupon carefully before applying them
  • original driving license must be submitted
  • Available at significant metro stations in Hyderabad
  • Need a minimum of 150rs in Paytm wallet. They hold 150 rs till the ride ends and return the remaining money after debiting for the ride.

  1. It would be best if you did not drink alcohol while riding vogo
  2. you are responsible for damages, accident costs, and traffic violations.
  3. You will not get a referral amount if the code is inappropriately shared.
  4. New users must complete at least one ride to get the referral amount credited.

How to get Vogo scooter keys?

New Update about Vogo Scooter Keys: You must unlock and lock the Scooter from the application using Bluetooth.

Now, It is the 21st century. We can expect some news! As we book a ride, we have to make the booking, and it will send the OTP to your registered mobile number. Now enter the OTP in the bike box, and it will get unlocked, and you can start riding a bike.

What are the safety steps taken by Vogo?

vogo provides a safe and convenient traveling experience. Now, vogo is providing two helmets and strictly says we must use them. If you forget to leave any belongings in the Scooter, contact Vogo company customers, who will help return your belongings. The Vogo vehicle and rider are covered under the insurance. You can call the logo customer care number in case of an accident. The Vogo vehicles are well-supported, and in case of any accidents or breakdowns, you can contact the company’s customer care while driving. They will send their executive to your accident spot.

Vogo customer care number:

If you have any problem in booking or dropping your vehicle or any other issue, you need to call Vogo customer care and explain the situation, and they will help you out to solve the problem vogo customer care number is 080-68221100

Vogo customer care Hyderabad: 080-68221100


Vogo changes prices according to the time and availability of Vogo scooters. Becrefull while booking Vogo as charges vary by time.

If you have any problems, contact Vogo customers by visiting the help section. Or write to help@vogo.in or by calling logo customer care at.

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